Biography: Dianne Joan Ferris has led an exciting life, and her interesting experiences are often reflected in her writing. An avid reader and a heartfelt songwriter since childhood, she has recorded her life's journey with words. In 1998, she earned her diploma from the Institute of Children's Literature and began writing for publication. Dianne plans to continue writing as she travels with her husband, enjoys her grandchildren and embraces life in her retirement.

Writing: In 2007, Dianne's dream of becoming a published author came true. A Teen's mystery love story The Purple Doll was published by General Store Publishing House and is available at GSPH as well as

In the spring of 2012, after three and a half years of dedicated writing, Dianne finished writing her second novel: Adventures at Loch Arran Resort. This Canadian, historical fiction is based on the true happenings she and her family experienced while owning and managing a summer resort in the 1980s. The book is available through

Dianne is also a co-author of Fibs & Memories: Ten Short Stories

Photography: By the1990s, Dianne became seriously interested in improving her skills of photography. Her husband, Charlie, is a skilled photographer of nature and landscape and Dianne began her tutelage under his instruction.

She studies both natural and historic subjects during her travels across Canada, and around Bruce County area near her home.

Family: A proud mother of three children and an active grandmother of seven, Dianne receives great joy from being with her family. Every year, she travels with her husband, Charles, from her home in Ontario to Edmonton. Alberta and then to north-western Alberta, to reconnect with her son's families, which includes five grandchildren; three granddaughters and two grandsons. The rest of the year, she reunites with her two grandsons and daughter in southern Ontario.

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